Crazy Gem
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1. Artistic appearance; 

2.  Highly operational game mode; 

3. The lighting mode can be adjusted.     

Game Play:

1.Insert Coin(s) and game starts( Game time is adjustable); 

2. Turn the steering wheel to control the boom (the boom speed can be adjusted); 

3.Use the down key to control the drop hammer to suck up gems in the gem conveying area (the drop hammer cannot drop in other areas);

4. Put the gem into the bright light hole (if you put the gem into the unlit hole, you can only get 1 point for consolation);

5. Put the gem into the light hole for 5 times and get extra jackpot.

6. Press the button to stop the jackpot number to get the scores for jackpot, and the final total scores will be exchanged for the tickets. 

Product Size (mm)Packing Size (mm)Power (w)Weight (kg)20GP (PC)40GP (PC)