Feed dumbo
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The naughty dumbo is hungry and needs to be fed, but it still likes to move from side to side,the player moves the joystick side to side to control the feeder, press the” FEED” button to shot the balls to the dumbo’s mouth. 


1. Continue coin continue play:You can continue the game play if continue to insert the coin(s).The two LED at both sides of the machine go up according to the balls quantity in the dumbo’s stomach. If full the ball, then full light and get the jackpot.

2.The target(dumbo’s mouth) and the feeder both can be moved 

Product Size (mm)Packing Size (mm)Power (w)Weight (kg)20GP(PC)40GP(PC)

Game Play:  

1.Insert Coin(s) and game starts.  

2. Move the joystick and control the feeder,press the “FEED” button to launch the ball towards the goal. 

3.Tickets can be got according to your scores