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Product name:

Champ kiddie game machine (ticket or capsule optional)

Dimension : L1550 * W980 * H2070(mm) 

Voltage&Power : 110V±10% 60Hz or 220V±10% 50Hz  Min:50W Max:95W   

Weight: 150KG  

Product Specifications: 

1.The game is divided into three levels, the more difficult it is if go to the more level. 

2.1st level: hoops don’t move(first 10 seconds); 

3.2nd level: the upper hoop moves left and right(next 10 seconds); 

4.3rd level: all hoops move left and right(last 10seconds). 

5.Single game and double online game are available.


1.The game play is different from other basketball game, there are three hoops, and the status of hoops can be changed over play time (or scores) from static to mobile, add the fun of playing; 

2. Different scores(2 points or 3 points) have different sounds; 

3.Very beautiful appearance and lighting design.

Single game play: 

1.Insert coin, press the start button, game start after 5 seconds; 

2.The player put the basketball into the hoop and get corresponding score; 

3.Get 2 points when basketball goes into the static hoop; Get 3 points when basketball goes into the moving hoop; 

4.More goals scored during the game time, more points awarded; 

5.Jackpot is awarded when points over the highest score after game over.

Double online game play: 

1.both players insert coin, P1 presses the start button, P2 presses the start button during the waiting time(5 seconds), it enters the online game.

2.When game over, the player with a higher score will get an extra bonus. If the highest score is exceeded, but also get awards.