Space Basketball
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Product Name: 

Space Basketball (payout: ticket or prize) 

Dimension: L1120mm*W1100*H2250mm 

Weight: 165kg

Voltage &Power:

AC220V±10%, 50Hz; 92W (Min) 230W (Max);0.5A(Min)1.3A(Max); 

AC110±10% 60Hz; 100W(Min) 207W (Max);0.54A Min)1.4A(Max. 

Location test data in China:139coins/day

Product Specifications: 

1.Ball shooting for kids. 

2.Colorful LED light design.

3.Long life time of electric magnet for ball shooting.

4.Ticket or Prize (capsule toy) are available. 

5.Infrared eye induction for scores. 

Game platform: 

Moving baskets 

Prize:Capsule toy comes out from the outlet if you break the target.

Game Play:  

1.Insert Coin(s) and press the “Start” button to start game.  

2.Press “Start” to shoot the ball.  

3.Tickets or Prizes can be got when your score is higher than the highest score.