Space Basketball Match
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Product Name: 

Space Basketball Match (payout: ticket or capsule) 

Dimension of Machine: L1800mm*W1210*H2830mm 

Dimension of Package:L1700mm*W1400*H2200mm 

Weight: 260kg 

Power:110W(Min) 250W (Max);0.5A(Min) 1.3A (Max)


The basketball stars of each planet took the spacecraft and came to the mysterious region of Mars. A basketball carnival will be held here soon. Could you and your friends compete with them? More mysterious prizes are waiting for you!

Product Specifications: 

1. Shoot the ball in the hoop mounted on the rotation wheel; 

2. Suitable for players of all ages; 

3. Double version for double players match or two separate game play; 

4.Long life time of solenoid coil for ball shooting. 

5.Ticket or Prize (capsule toy) are available. 

6.Infrared eye induction for scores.

Game Play: 

1.Insert Coin(s) and game starts. 

2.Press “Start” button to shoot the ball.  

3.Tickets or Prizes can be got when your score is higher than the highest score.