Deep Sea Fishing Ⅱ
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Product Name: 

New Deep Sea Fishing (six players,payout can be ticket or prize) 

Dimension: L1830mm*W1300mm*H830mm 

Weight: 280KGS 

Voltage and power : AC220V±10%, 50Hz; 235W (Min) -350W (Max)


Product Specifications: 

 1. It’s a Fishing game for kids. 

 2. 55 inches LG brand LCD screen. 

 3.6 persons can play togetherat the same time. 

 4.The Fishing mechanism is set with sense of gravity, the strength of gravity will change according to the caught fish weight. 

 5.The payout can be capsule toys or tickets according to the scores. 

 6.Location test data in China:667 coins/day based on 1 coin/time.

Game Play:  

1.Insert coin(s) and press the button to start the game. 

2.Press the button and choose the direction to cast the fishing rod. 

3.Pull the fish wire into the net rapidly when the fishes swallow the bait, at same time, the player can press the button to stun the fish by electric shock, it will be increase the probability of the fish into the net. 

4.Tickets or prizes can be awarded according to the scores.