Bop 2 win
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Product Name:

Bop 2 Win Carnival redemption game machine 


Voltage&Power:110V±10% 60Hz or 220V±10% 50Hz  150W            

Weight: 200KG  

Brief Introduction: 

1.The novelty coin operated game “Bop 2 Win” is intended for one player. 

2.The player will attempt to use mechanical boxing glove “Punch” mechanism in order to “Hit”the nose of the clown character when the moving, lighted ticket score segment reaches the desired score. 

3.When the player presses the “Punch” button down, the boxing glove mechanism will extend to the clown’s nose immediately stopping the moving score segment light once the mechanism has fully extended.

4.The ticket score shown on the target score panel when the light stops will be the ticket amount awarded to the player at the end of the game.