Shot Party 32"
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Product name:Shot Party 32" (Ballshooting game)

Dimension:L2410mm*W900mm*H2450mm withchair         

Voltage&Power:110V±10% 60Hz or 220V±10% 50Hz  Min 145W Max210W            

Weight: 250KG 


Product Specifications:

 1. Mechanical shooting mechanism: 

 1) Broken ball eliminated system: If there is abroken ball in the game, it can detect it and eliminate it. 

 2) It has the characteristic of stableperformance, durable and simple maintenance.

 3) The air shooting mechanism will be powerlessof shooting after long term usage. But our  mechanical shooting won’t.Moreover, you can adjust the shooting condition easily. 

 4) The materials are up to ROSH standards. 

 5) We has patent for it. 

 6) CEC (Chuck E. Cheese, the biggest purchaserin USA) bought about 500 games with this shooting mechanism from us.

Monitor:  32’ monitor     3D & High definition       

Pixel :52PPI   

Resolution :1920(RGB)x 1080(FHD) 

Game :

There are 4 themes:

(1)Hit balloon

(2)Intrude into haunted house

(3)Defend cornfield

(4)Hit shrewmousePass one game then you can play the next game. 

Player will have more fun under these situation.

Game Play:

1. Insert coin(s), press start button to startgame 

2. Control gun, shoot aims and get scores. 

3. The higher scores you get, the more ticketsyou win.