Travel Adventures
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Name: Travel Adventures

Water game. Payout can beticket or prize


Voltage&Power:AC220V±10%, 50Hz;180W (Min) --  780W (Max); 

Current: 1.3A— 3.8A 


 1. There are 6 games inside. 

 2. Ticket version or prize version(capsule toy) areavailable. 

 3. The material of water tank is ABS. Durable.4. It's 42' LCD monitor.

 5. Blister technology on the seat, environmentalprotection. 

 6.Colorful LED light design. 

 7.Location test data in China is 230 coins/day based on2 coins/time.

Warm reminder: 

 1.The water in the water tank should be changed once aweek. 

 2.The water filter should be cleaned once a month. 

 3.Input water in front when the screen reminds waterlevel is too low.


 1.Insert coin(s), press “start” button to start.

 2.Choose your favorite game scene and shoot screen by water gun.

 3.Use water gun to shoot a variety of monsters appear on the screenand get the scores.  You will enter intonext level when you kill the “boss” successfully. 

 4.Ticketsor prizes can be awarded according to the scores when game over.