Frogs Party(4P) with automatic adding system
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Product Name:

Frogs Party(4P) with automatic adding system 

Dimension: L1550*W1450*H1300(mm) 

Voltage&Power:110V±10% 60Hz or 220V±10% 50Hz  Min 70W Max 150W           


Product Specifications: 

1.Lovely shape, pop music; 

2.Simply game play, 4P together; 

3.Can push candy or small size prizes( diameter less than 80mm); 

4.With automatic adding system; 

Game Play:  

1.Insert coin(s) to start the game.  

2.Press the button when the frog’s tongue and the prize(candy) are on one line, the prize(candy) will be pushed out by the frog’s tongue.  

3.Take the prize away from the exit.