Jungle Adventure
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Product name:

Jungle Adventure game machine 


Voltage: AC 100V -120V,60Hz;Power:  49.5W-236W(whenplaying, the more load, the higher the power required)Voltage: AC 220V -240V,50Hz;Power:  60W-285W(whenplaying, the more load, the higher the power required)          

Weight: 150KG  

 Product Specifications: 

 1.It’s a Video ride with ticket version. 

 2.The base swing mechanism is same as KCCobra(the sales volume ranked second in the world)game machine, it passed for30 consecutive days continuously trouble-free electrical test. 

 3.Power cord and bearing are with Japanesetechnology. Motor is with German technology. 

 4.The seat is gel coat, others are shinningpainting. Warm Reminder:The game machine need maintenance and bearingneed to refuel after three months.  

 Game Play: 

 1. Sit on the car, upon credit and gamestart.Car begins to sway, video screen display also enters game mode. 

 2. Step on the gas pedal to speed up the car,control steering wheel to collect more coins as you can, and get around theroadblock. 

 3. Game over once time over.