Airship fishing
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Product Name:

Airship fishing game machine(prize version) 


Voltage&Power:110V±10% 60Hz or 220V±10% 50Hz  Min 85W Max 500W            

Weight: 150KG 

Product Specifications:

1.It’s a Fishing video ride with prize version. 

2.There are 3 mechanisms inside: Swing mechanism; Capsule toys mechanism; Fishing mechanism. 

3.The base swing mechanism is same as KC Cobra(the sales volume ranked second in the world)game machine, it passed for 30 consecutive days continuously trouble-free electrical test.  

4.Power cord and bearing are with Japanese technology. Motor is with German technology. 

5.The Fishing mechanism is set with sense of gravity, the strength of gravity will change according to the caught fish weight. 

6.The payout is capsule toys according to the scores. The front cover can be opened to install the capsule toys. 

7.There are 32 sets LED lights,colorful design. 

8.The seat is gel coat, others are shinning painting. 

9.Location test data in China is 180coins/day based on 2coins/time.

Warm Reminder: 

The game machine need maintenance and bearing need to refuel after three months.

Game Play: 

1.Insert coin(s) and the  game  will  be  started  after  3  seconds. 2.Choose the right timing to press the button to cast the fishing rod according to the swing directions of the fishhook and the sizes of the fishes underwater.

3.When the fish eat the fish bait,turn the fishing wheel rapidly to catch up the fish.

4.When the game is over, you will get the corresponding gifts according to the total weight of the fishes you got.