Building Blocks Car
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Car sizeWeightAcid batteryFull chargingworkingSpeed
1500*990*650mm70W/130kgs70Ah7 hours8 hours2km/h


Copyright: CASEGA  

Designed by: CASEGA 

Manufacturer: Zhongshan STAR Animation Technology CO.,LTD 

Target customers: Children over 3 years old and parents  

Tourist restrictions: [driving seat]: height above 150 cm (including 150 cm) is not allowed.Height above 95 cm (including 95 cm) can be taken alone.Height of 85 cm or higher with parent can take the ride together.Those do not meet the above three conditions are not allowed to ride.[parent seat]:Only parent is allowed to take the seat.  

Required site: Indoor level ground.100 square meters (4 cars) -200 square meters(6 cars) -600 square meters (12 cars)


6* cars(two-seater), 1* traffic light, 300 pcs seven kinds of foamblocks, 24 meters of forced parking sensor label, 40 meters of tiger post, balusterset(64 cones and 120 cross bars),Streetscenes ground sticker,Charger.




Product highlights:

[High revenue] trial operation in Qingdao, second-tier city: 8,000 plays/ RMB 300,000/ month 

[High quality] designed by CASEGA and produced by STAR Animation

[Safety] with the stop function of boundary line induction, there will be no out-of-runway chaos

[Parent-child] Parent sand children can take the double car

[Puzzle game]Improve children's ability of practice, Stimulate children's creativity, and satisfy their sense of achievement and personalized desire


How to operate

1. The customer lines up for payment and the employee brings himinto the car assembly area 

2. Children can use their imagination and creativity together withtheir parents to assemble their favorite car

3. Children are guided to the venue for 10 minutes' driving

Price return case

Location:Qingdao huarun vientiane city 3F 

Site area: 25m*8m 200 square meters mall common areaOperation time :10:00-21:00 (20:30 cut-off) 

Qty of cars: 6 cars (4 one-seater cars,2 two-seater cars) 

Price setting: RMB50 for one-seater car ;RMB70 for two-seater car (parent-childride) 

Using time: 5 minutes piling up building blocks, 10 minutesdriving 

Daily operation: 2 people operate for 11 hours 

On weekends: 3 people operate for 11 hours  According to the actual sales in Qingdao, the investment cost can be recovered within three months.