Space bumper boat
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Product name: 

Space Bumper Boat 


Gross Weight: 130kgs 

Voltage: DC 24V  

Power: 520W  


Charging time: 6-8 hours  

Working time: 6-7 hours     

Seat:1 adult and 1 kid    

Weight Capacity: 200kgs 

Start Mode: Remote start/WeChat start (optional)


1. Multiplayer( Fight Function) 

Double digit display, infrared plus radar induction.There can be full match for all Bumper Boats. The player can get scores through bump against other boats. Whose score is the highest,who wins and gets prize.  

2. Scoring Fun

There are two digital tube display for score, one is small at the front of chair, another is big at the back of chair.

the bumper boat which bumped by others has vibration sense through the chair. 

3. Long Working Time 

It can work 6-7 hours after full charged 

4. Top Quality

We use solid wheels, solid tyre,high grade fiberglass, large capacity batteries for the game machine and our bumper boat can move forward,backward, rotate freely.

Project Planning: 

1. If 3units, the location should be around 40-60M2.  

2. If 6units, the location should be around 100-120M2.